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Get the Lastest in Multi-Channel Communications.
Increase response rates, brand awareness, and return on investment using a single web-based software that integrates every popular messaging channel. For the same price others charge for just email or mobile marketing alone, you can upgrade to a service that integrates it ALL.
Why do Fortune 500 COmpanies use Mobile Marketing? Because it Works!
You see Mobile Keywords all over TV, radio, magazines, and Fortune 500 websites. People text your Keyword to 96362 to join your mobile list. You can then send direct response campaigns for promotions, coupons, sales alerts, and important news! Learn more about Mobile Keywords.
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Mobile Marketing is the process of engaging the millions of people that are in their everyday activities thru the use of their cell phone. A typical ways to do this are thru Text Marketing. With SMS Marketing or Text Marketing you can place prospective customers on your text marketing list by providing them a mobile keyword and short code (ex.text happy-hour to 96362 to receive notice of 1/2 price drink offers).

Once on your list you can send them promotional text marketing messages whenever you want to have a promotion. For instance if business is slow on Tuesday evening.

What if you could send your marketing message to a targeted group of people and have a delivery rate of 95% or greater?

Text Marketing has 5 times more than email marketing and 9 times more than direct mail! SMS Marketing messages have a response rate of over 20%! Compare that to less than 2% for traditional advertising and imagine the increased sales. For this reason, SMS Text Marketing is ideal for local or national retailers of all types wishing to promote products or services, provide purchase incentives, increase customer loyalty and retention.

SMS Marketing – Speedy And Targeted Get a high speed network that will send out your Mobile Text Marketing messages in a flash. Beware of low price services that will deliver a SMS text eventually but not when you need to get it to your customers. NOW!
  • Send / receive SMS Marketing messages anywhere via our easy-to-use web user interface, mobile phone, or our robust SMS API
  • Since subscribers have opted-in to receiving your SMS Text Marketing offers or promotional text marketing messages, you know they have a active interest in your business, and products
  • Provide Text Coupons: With SMS Coupons you will create a promotional sms campaign, broadcast it, plus start having immediate increase in customer traffic – all on the same day!
  • Recipients of a Text Marketing blast Can Reply Back to the text message. Their responses will be captured in the API Inbox or forwarded to the email or mobile you choose.
Mobile Marketing Is Cost Effective
  • Pay as you go SMS Marketing plans or save money with a no contract, no obligation Monthly Plan.
  • Custom-Tailored Mobile Keywords allow customers to signup by sending a SMS text message
  • Start with a sms text marketing plan As Low As $25 per Month
  • Text Credits on our Gold and Platinum Plans include Roll Over Text Credits that NEVER EXPIRE, if you do not use them. Not like some low price services where it is use it or lose it.
  • Increase repeat business. Import contacts & use mobile keywords. Type your mass text marketing message. Reach 100 or 75,000 people in seconds.
  • Drive traffic to your business during slow periods
  • Mobile Marketing Helps you attract new customers and GROW SALES For Your Business!

    Try It Now! Free 30 Day Trial
  Powerful Text Marketing Plus List Features
  • Develop a Comprehensive Advertising Strategy using sms text marketing, custom QR codes, voice broadcasting, appointment reminders and more...
  • Launch sophisticated Mobile SMS Marketing promotions. Build a Mobile Marketing Contact List with a HTML Widget for a website, Facebook Fan Page and with your mobile keywords.
  • Send Bulk SMS Text Marketing Messages to your accumulated lists
  • Fully Automated: Schedule SMS Text Marketing Messages to go out at specific dates,times,days. Whatever you want!
  • Easily select only certain area codes to send text marketing messages to.
  • Setup Recurring and Automated SMS Text Messages to be sent out at certain days and times of the week, month, or year
  • Send text messages that include Pictures and Videos
  • Compose text messages that automatically address each recipient by their first and last name so it's more personal
  • Upload opt-in phone numbers plus organize the contacts into groups & lists
  • Rotating Text Responses: Set up a campaign so people text your Mobile keyword and get a different random response each time until the pool of auto responses have been exhausted.
  • Create a Facebook Widget for your fan page and collect peoples' contact info and have it automatically update your text list
  • Create and embed a Sign-Up Form On Your Web Site to gather people to your text list from the web.
  • Set a auto-responder to go out immediately after someone signs up on your Online Sign-up Page
  • Easily identify and remove invalid contact information from your list.
  • Sort Your Mobile SMS Marketing List by Source, Status, and Wireless Carrier.
  • Ability to send those on your mobile SMS marketing list to your mobile web site to offer coupons, text marketing messages ect
  • Wide range of Mobile Keywords available to promote your business!
  • Mobile Text Marketing works Try It Now!
Advantages of SMS Marketing

There are many advantages if an SMS Marketing Campaign over many other types of advertising. First, sms marketing has a relatively low cost involved in setting up SMS sms marketing campaigns. Unline many promotional media, SMS marketing involves use of the mobile phone, therefore users can sign-up with the marketing promotion from anywhere and at anytime. With a text blast to your list, the recipients on the list receive your text sms message quickly. This means that the marketing campaign can reach many recipients in a short period of time.

This is great for car washes, restaurants, bars and other businesses that may be having a slow period and want an instant stream of clients. With our back-office tools, setting up a sms marketing campaign is also quick and easy. The other tremendous advantage is that people are accustomed to reading the text messages they receive. In face, people read 95% of the text messages that they receive. This means that you can be assured that the perspective clients on your list will receive your message.
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